Bench Donation Program

The Friends of the Clinton River Trail administer the memorial bench program that helps to create places along the trail to stop and catch your breath, relax and enjoy nature or just tie your shoes.


As of Summer 2021, the memorial bench program is under review as our communities are determining how many more benches are needed. Please email for more info.


Memorial benches are available for purchase to remember a special person, commemorate a special event or celebrate an organization. The bench is a recycled plank bench with embedded mount. The planks are cedar color. The brass plaque is 3" X 10" flush mounted. All contributions are tax-deductible through the Community Foundation of Rochester. The donor may request the city they want the bench installed in, but the city will have the final say on location of the bench, and wording of the plaque.


If you would be interested in making arrangements to sponsor a bench, please contact



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